The Wide Yorker: A Game-Changer for Bowlers

Given the fast-paced nature of Twenty20 cricket (and now even ODI cricket), bowlers need those extra tricks up their sleeves to outsmart batsmen and slow down the scoring rate. This is why the wide yorker is a game-changer for limited overs cricket. This type of delivery can disrupt the flow the batsman at the crease and throw them off their balance.

What is the Wide Yorker?

The wide yorker is a delivery that is aimed right at the blockhole – however it is not aimed directly at the batsman’s feet – it lands wide of the off stump, which means the batsman needs to stretch and reach for the ball. This is why this delivery has gained popularity in the Twenty20 leagues around the world. When it is delivered correctly, it is a very difficult ball to play.

Why is the Wide Yorker Effective?

The wide yorker is effective for a number of reasons:

  • Slows Down Scoring – This delivery is especially effective in the closing overs of an innings. By aiming the ball wide of the off stump, bowlers can shut down scoring opportunities making it harder for batsmen to unleash powerful shots (which is most often on the leg side).
  • It Disrupts Rhythm – In most sports, athletes rely on flow/rhythm. This type of delivery disrupts that rhythm the batsman has and forces them to adjust and reach for the ball, throwing them off balance. This leads to mistimed shots and even potential wickets.
  • Makes It Harder To Score Boundaries – With the wide yorker, bowlers can keep boundaries to a minimum. It is harder for batsman to get the power they need for big shots when they have to stretch for the ball and are thrown off balance.
A bowler delivering a wide yorker.

How to Deliver It?

  • Accuracy – The perfect delivery relies on accuracy and hitting the bullseye. Make sure you can consistently land the ball wide of the off stump, making it tough for the batsman to connect cleanly.
  • Mix Up The Pace – Make sure you add some pace variation to your wide yorkers, it makes it even harder for the batsman. By switching it up between slower and regular paced deliveries, you can keep the batsman guessing and increase the chance of mistakes.
  • Mind Games – Delivering this type of ball is also a mind game, if the batsman knows you have this in your back pocket it will keep them guessing and possibly start to premeditate their shots.

Should you Learn It?

The wide yorker is a crucial delivery that all bowlers should learn and have as a part of their skillset – especially due to the faced paced nature of cricket nowadays. It is a very effective delivery in restricting run scoring, throwing off the batsman’s rhythm and limiting boundaries. You can use this type of delivery to sway the match in your favour especially in the latter half of an innings, so make sure you go out and practice it!

Thanks for reading!